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Kaiping Fengnuo Sanitary Ware Co., Ltd. is located in Shuikou Town, Kaiping City, Guangdong Province, which is known as the" Kingdom of Chinese Sanitary Ware;, Less than 1000 meters away from Shuikou Station of Fokai and Kaiyang Expressway, and on the side of National Highway 325 The company has more than 20 years of research and development of water boiler accessories, has been uncommitted to water boiler accessories, Fengnuo brand faucets, the production of electric water boiler faucets, copper and stainless steel series products and accessories

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Kaiping water dispenser faucet: stainless steel faucet | Tips for identifying the quality of all copper faucets

Many copper water heaters on the market are often treated with copper plating on the surface, but their internal material is not copper. Therefore, when purchasing, it is important to pay more attention and carefully observe whether the cross-sectional interface of the water heater is made of copper material. Therefore, when purchasing, you can use a small knife to scrape the interface of the water heater to see how its internal material is.1. Selection of water heater valve core:When choosing a copper water heater, do not forget to select its valve core. The valve core of a high-quality water heater is generally made of ceramic material, which has good sealing performance and wear resistance. Therefore, when choosing a water heater, it is necessary to ensure the material of its valve core. If it is difficult to choose, it is recommended to ask the seller to provide relevant evidence and include the purchase terms in the contract for future use.2. Touch more with your hands:In order to ensure that the selected water heater is made of all copper material, it is recommended to touch the surface of the heater as much as possible during the selection process. After electroplating the copper material, the product feels heavy and has a high surface resistance. If the surface feels smooth, it indicates that it is not made of copper material and it is not recommended to purchase.3. Tap to listen for sound:When selecting a copper water heater, in order to determine whether its material is copper, you can tap its surface with your hand and listen to the sound produced by the water heater. If the sound is crisp when tapping, it is stainless steel. If the sound is dull when tapping, it indicates that it is copper material.4. Bubble maker selection:When selecting a copper water boiler, the quality of its bubbler should also be considered. Generally, high-quality bubblers are made of ABS engineering plastic material, which has the sound of filtering flowing water, causing more bubbles to be generated in the water flow. Water splashes will not splash, and it can also achieve energy-saving effects. If it does not have a bubbler or its material is not good, it is recommended not to purchase it.5. Check accessories:When choosing a fully copper water heater, it is also necessary to check the accessories. Good accessories are generally made of copper material, while accessories made of other materials, although the surface has been electroplated, will become pale and yellow in color during use, and will also turn black, affecting use and aesthetics.&Nbsp& Nbsp& Nbsp& Nbsp; Article source: Kaiping water heater faucet& Nbsp;http://www.kplongyi.com

The reason for choosing an electric water heater

What are the tips for choosing a water heater?2. The self-adhesive nameplate and other warning signs that are easily peeled off by hand can become blurry and fall off after long-term use, which will affect the correct operation and use of the product.4. Boilers are generally installed in hot and humid environments such as kitchens and water rooms, and need to be connected to electricity day and night for operation. Therefore, when using them, basic installation environment requirements should be met to ensure mechanical strength, heat dissipation requirements, electrical performance of conductivity and insulation, and inspection and maintenance should be strengthened. Ensure that the water dispenser is clean and tidy. When not in use for a long time, turn off the power supply. And it must be cleaned regularly. As time passes, scale will form inside, and if not taken seriously, it will cause problems such as component damage.And when customers choose a water heater, they can check whether it is a commercial grade water heater or a household grade water heater. Generally, household grade water heaters have smaller specifications and are smaller than commercial ones in all aspects.文章源自:开水器配件  Www.kplongyi.com

Selection method for water heater accessories

Some knowledge about water heatersThe quality and durability of a water heater are actually attributed to the heating device of the water bucket. Our water bucket is produced in our own factory, so we understand the various principles involved. For example, the double tube heating plate and electric heating wire inside are custom-made and thickened. Compared to heating plates of the same power, heating plates with thicker double tubes are more durable.According to my own repeated tests, it has been proven that among the water heaters using a double tube heating plate, only 2800W is most suitable for use in companies, units, or households. Please do not blindly seek higher power, as you also need to test the ability of your home's electrical wires to withstand the filter.If using a single tube, please use a single tube of 1800W, so that the heating plate can be used longer.文章源自:开水器配件  Www.kplongyi.com

Detailed explanation of the internal structure of the faucet of the Kaiping water heater

Types of water heaters: According to their internal structure, water heaters on the market can be roughly divided into floating ball type water heaters, lively type water heaters, and stepper type water heaters.Floating ball water heater is a product of water heaters with a simple internal structure. It can be mainly divided into: box body (used for water storage and boiling), floating ball (used for water level control), and heating pipe (used for heating). Because during use, people find that it only has one water tank and cannot separate raw water from boiling water; There is only one float as a water level control, which cannot control the raw water entering the water tank when people take water. Causing the occurrence of yin and yang water, affecting the quality of drinking water and people. However, due to its simple structure and low cost, the floating ball water heater is still being used in 70-80 factories, hotels, and tea houses.The Huanteng type water heater, aimed at preventing the occurrence of yin and yang water in products, has been developed by Chinese manufacturers of water heaters through technological innovation. The Huanteng type water heater is designed to prevent the occurrence of yin and yang water. Its principle is mainly to separate raw water and boiling water, changing from a floating ball type box to two Huanteng type boxes. One box is equipped with an electric heating tube, responsible for boiling water, and the other box is responsible for storing boiled water. This can prevent the mixing of raw water and boiling water, solving the problem of "yin and yang water".But at the beginning, due to the disorderly completion structure, high cost, and the inability to clean the sealed box, the service life was not long, and there was not a high market coverage rate. In recent years, due to technological innovation brought about by competition in shopping malls, some manufacturers have produced Huanteng style water heaters with low cost, simplified internal structure, and stable quality. With the increasing awareness of people's health, the joyful water dispenser is also increasingly popular in shopping malls.文章源自:开平开水器龙头  Www.kplongyi.com

Precautions for the use of commercial water dispenser accessories

Commercial electric water heaters, as an electrical product, are very important. Due to the general lack of electrical knowledge among customers, they should not install the product themselves after purchase, and it is better for professional personnel from the production enterprise to install it. Before using the product, customers should carefully read the product manual and operate according to it. Generally, the water heater should be placed on a sturdy platform with a drainage floor drain nearby to facilitate cleaning, drainage, and overflow under faulty conditions. Before connecting the external power supply to the water heater, an independent power switch and leakage protection device should be installed. The metal shell of the water heater should be reliably grounded. Customers should pay attention to the following 6 issues during use: 1. Do not install the water heater in a humid environment, such as in a bathhouse. Due to the humid air in the bathhouse, water vapor can easily condense on the surface of the insulation medium after entering the electrical box, reducing its insulation function and causing leakage.When using a water heater, fill it with water first and then connect the power. Do not adjust the temperature controller arbitrarily to prevent it from being adjusted above the boiling point temperature. There is a hot and energy-saving water heater that prevents dry burning. When water is supplied, it will automatically enter the operating state after being powered on. 3. During use, do not remove the grounding wire of the water heater, as grounding measures are the next protective measure to prevent electric shock. 4. Regularly check the water inlet of the water heater to prevent blockage at the inlet and prevent the occurrence of dry burning of the electric heating pipe. 5. Regular descaling is necessary. If the local water quality is poor, a water purifier can be installed at the inlet of the water heater to improve its operational efficiency, extend its service life, and ensure the cleanliness and hygiene of drinking water. 6. Cut off the water source and power supply of the water heater before maintenance and cleaning. When cleaning the outer shell of the water heater, use a clean cloth for wiping, and it is strictly prohibited to use jet water to wash the outer shell and electrical box parts.文章源自:开水器配件  Www.kplongyi.com